Lease Term and Conditions

  1. Leases are initially for a 50 week term starting June 1 and ending May 15 or when final end. Rental payments are divided into 12 equal payments, regardless of the partial occupancy in May.
  2. A written request for Lease Renewal is necessary from Tenant by Dec. 15th to guarantee consideration for Lease Renewal.
  3. The occupants pay utilities.
  4. Parents must co-sign the lease.
  5. The lease is the Pennsylvania Board of Realtors Lease form.
  6. All residents must sign Policy Rules and Regulation addendums to the lease.
  7. Each occupant of an apartment and their co-signers are jointly and separately responsible for lease obligations of all occupants.
  8. St. Joseph’s University Student Code is incorporated into the rules and is part of the lease.
  9. Parents and school authorities will be informed of any breaches of terms and conditions, including Rules & Regulations addendum.
  10. All prospective tenants must submit a completed application along with the  $50.00 non refundable application fee.  Applicants will receive a notice of acceptance or rejection within 5 days of receipt of a completed application and fee.
  11.  Within 30 days after being approved, a signed and co- signed lease must be received from each occupant of an apartment, along with the first installment of the security deposit.  The remainder of the deposit money is due by May 1st. The total deposit is equivalent to 2 months rent.
  12. Monthly rent is due 5 days before the 1st of each month, subject to a $25 late fee after the 1st, plus a $5 a day late fee thereafter for each additional day the rent payment is late. The late fees will be deducted from the deposit money. There is a $30.00 fee for any dishonored payment.
  13. When student residents choose not to renew their lease, the apartment will be available to other applicants for the next year. Within 30 days of vacating the premises, deposit monies will be refunded minus any fee for damage repairs and cleaning necessary. All units will be very clean upon occupancy. Exiting residents will be responsible to leave the apartment in the same condition of as before possession including; stove, refrigerator, microwave, kitchen cabinets (inside and out), and kitchen utensils in place and clean, bathroom, bathtub, vanity sink and cabinet, mirrors. All windowsills and baseboards free of dust and to be damp towel cleaned with all-purpose liquid cleaner to remove dirt and other residue. Hardwood floor to be vacuumed and mopped with “Murphy Oil Soap” cleaner. All other floor surfaces, kitchen, bath, closet to be vacuumed and cleaned with “Mr. Clean” liquid cleaner. Other cabinets to be cleaned with liquid cleaner and finished with glass cleaner.
  14. Sublets are permitted. Each sublet will submit an application with  $50.00 non refundable application fee. In addition there is an $150.00  admin fee charged for each sublet.